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27 annual report is available

In this annual report, you will find more information about the strategy and achievements of Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund (URIF) in 2017. In addition to the classic financial data and KPIs, you will also find additional information about the real estate portfolio and the past year’s acquisitions.

2017 was a particularly good year for Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund (URIF), despite the fact that the current retail real estate market is more of a seller’s market. Due to low-interest rates and the lack of valid alternatives for sellers, finding strategically suitable retail real estate is more than ever a difficult task. Nevertheless, we managed to double our real estate portfolio to EUR 140 million of properties and maintain our occupancy rate at an exceptional 100%. The net asset value increased by 9.2% in 2017

The 2018-2020 investment budget for URIF is ambitious. We aim to build up an investment fund by 2019 with EUR 180 to 200 million of supermarkets and other E-commerce resistant real estate in our portfolio, with EUR 11 to 12 million in recurring rental income. To support this growth, another capital increase is planned in the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019.

In the meantime, the management and board of directors are working hard on the investment strategy, the growth path, the professionalization of the existing portfolio management, and the transformation into a GVV in 2020! Also, follow the website regularly for the latest updates and news!

The 2017 annual report can be downloaded here. We wish you a lot of reading pleasure. For more information about Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund, contact us via this link.