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EGM decides to transform URIF CVA into Forum Estates NV, and appoints Board of Directors

Today Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund CVA was transformed into a traditional NV. In addition, the management structure was simplified through a number of mergers and a new Board of Directors was appointed.

In addition to a simplification of the management structure and the conversion of a limited partnership with shares into a public limited liability company, a Board of Directors was also appointed. Cadiz NV, represented by Stefan De Bock, Studium ad Scaldim bvba, represented by Wouter Dewulf, Donche & Donche Comm. V, represented by Philippe Donche, Fish Affairs bvba, represented by Stefaan Gielens, Patrick Syen and Annette Vermeiren were appointed as directors. With this simplification of the management structure and the strengthening of the Board of Directors, Forum Estates is taking a further step in professionalizing and preparing for the conversion to a listed GVV in 2020.

In addition, the name Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund CVA was changed to Forum Estates NV. This flag better reflects what the investment fund stands for, i.e. investing in supermarkets and other E-commerce resistant real estate.

Forum to the Romans is like an Agora to the Greeks. The forum was a central location in the city that was originally used for trading. Forum Estates is an E-commerce resistant investment fund with a specific focus on supermarket real estate. Supermarkets are centrally located in the city where physical trade is pre-eminently conducted. By choosing the name ‘Forum’, we refer first and foremost to its authentic meaning (cf. Forum Romanum). The term ‘Forum’ also carries a more contemporary meaning as an online platform where people come together digitally and trade. Today’s supermarkets are also increasingly seen as a physical collection point for online shopping. The choice of the name ‘Forum’ is based on these 2 connotations. The suffix ‘Estates’ further emphasizes that it is a real estate portfolio.

At the beginning of 2019, the branding of Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund will be transformed into Forum Estates.

The shareholders of Forum Estates can consult the report of this EGM on the special pages for shareholders. The content of this EGM was explained earlier at the information session of 29 September.