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25th Spar-Colruyt supermarket in Bousu joins real estate portfolio!

Today the acquisition of the real estate of the Spar-Colruyt supermarket branch in Boussu was completed. The shares were acquired completely off-market as part of a family estate planning. Forum Estates bought 100% of the shares of the real estate company ‘Minishoe sprl’, owner of the store of almost 700 m² with its adjoining grounds. The store is let under a long-term commercial lease to Retail Partners Colruyt Group. The Colruyt Group is now the second most important tenant, after Carrefour Belgium, in the Forum Estates portfolio.

The supermarket was thoroughly renovated a few years ago by the owner. In addition to the retail building, the plot also includes parking spaces in front of and next to the shop and undeveloped land at the rear. There is room to expand the supermarket in due course.

The store is very easily accessible, located along an approach road into the built-up area, Rue Neuve 111, a few hundred metres from the town hall, next to a recent Aldi branch and with Extra and Gamma as close neighbours. The location is easily accessible by alternative transport modes, and there is a bus stop in front of the building.

CEO Stefan De Bock responds with satisfaction: ‘This acquisition in Boussu is the 25th Spar-Colruyt store in our fast-growing supermarket real estate portfolio. Retail Partners Colruyt Group has now become one of our most important partners. With this acquisition, we once again confirm Forum Estates’ specialization in shared deals and company takeovers in the context of successions of family real estate.

Asset and Legal Manager Willem Demonie adds: ‘Forum Estates has largely completed the due diligence with internal teams from Finance, Property and Legal, assisted by Dimitri Coun and Sofie Swaelens from the law firm Four & Five. This allows us to respond quickly, act flexibly and complete an acquisition in a few weeks. It is a pleasure to be able to work like this!’

27 May 2021