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EUR 6.4 million additional capital after seventh capital increase

This morning, an additional capital contribution of EUR 6.4 million was signed at the offices of notary Ghesquiere in Ypres. The available capital for Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund now amounts to EUR 43.5 million.

This capital contribution is part of Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund’s business plan to create a portfolio of EUR 180 million in E-commerce resistant real estate by 2019, which will generate an annual recurring rental income of more than EUR 10 million. A number of capital increases are planned for the autumn of 2018 and 2019. For example, the fund is on track to convert into a listed Regulated Real Estate Company in 2020. A number of exploratory talks with investment banks and legal councils are already underway for this.

In the coming months, this additional capital will be invested in a number of identified projects that fit in with the Ulvenhout Retail Invest Fund’s investment strategy. In particular, the ‘Food’ pillar, which forms the basis of the investment portfolio, will be strengthened with this. With this capital, approximately EUR 20 million in E-commerce resistant real estate will be purchased, which will increase the total annual rental income by approximately EUR 1.2 million to approximately EUR 10 million by mid-2018. More information about this will follow in the news section of this site.

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